Rude Vs. The Boondocks Part I

This is fun. Blogging is FUN. I’m having this situation where I have to leave my beloved, beloved job at the medical clinic. It kills me. It makes me want to die. But I’m like, too old to work at the clinic. I’m just plain too old to bring home those paltry little paychecks and start to get the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from too much typing into an office computer. I can’t even fathom leaving the clinic. But I can’t even afford to live without having a part-time, second job. But the part-time, second job takes up all of my non-clinic time. I can’t ever go on a date with anybody. I can’t ever go running or go kayaking or even ride my bike. I can barely read books. I gave up all my friends; I told them that to their faces — “I’m sorry, I have to give up all my friends. Including you. So no, we can’t hang out.” I go in to the clinic at 5 or 6 a.m. and then go to my part-time job until 7 or 8 p.m. It’s just so unsustainable. One has to go, and the part-time job pays much better, so it’s the clinic. The dear, dear, beloved clinic. I’ll cry a thousand, million tears to walk away from there for the last time. The only thing that’s the silver lining is that now I’ll have more time to write.

But writing…is FUN. All those old novels I’ve written and then tucked away into random bins and drawers. I normally write a novel every year, but 2013 I didn’t, because I was too busy with my two jobs. 2014, I can totally write another one. And this, the Literary Critique Blog I’ve always meant to start up. And by “Literary Critique” I don’t mean very much of anything at all. It’s not really literary, and it’s not really a critique. All it is is a blog. Like tonight is going to be a Compare/Contrast between two music videos, which you can go ahead and Youtube right now. The first one is called “Rude” and it’s by a group called Magic and the second is the good old Billy Joe Royal with his “Down in the Boondocks.”

“Rude” makes me laugh and laugh, because the boy in the song has his sights set on a rich girl with a capitalist-type dad. He begs the dad to let him marry his daughter, and the dad says no (multiple times.) The boy’s entire, and only, response to this is that the dad is being “rude.” RUDE! As in, that’s his entire critique of the entire situation. There’s no mention of any sociopolitical/economic ANYthing in play. He very briefly notices (“I know that you’re an old-fashioned man”) that there’s some kind of difference between the two of them, but that’s about it. It’s just that, well, that guy’s rude. The social difference, the economic difference, he either doesn’t see at all, or he just doesn’t care.

A long time ago there was Billy Joe Royal and “Down in the Boondocks.” What was that. The 60’s? Something like that. “I love her. She loves me. But I don’t fit her society.” And “One fine day, I’ll find a way to move from this shack…until that morning I’ll work and slave, and I’ll save every dime.” Not only acknowledging the problem but trying to modify himself into something that he feels will be acceptable.

Rude, on the other hand, just cracks me up.


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