Halberstam/Haze Part II

I “slept on” it last night, but not very well. It was about a million degrees outside and my pit bull had killed a big rat in the yard and tossed the body up onto the porch and now he was lying beside me and I started wondering if he had blood crusting on his lips or his paws or rabies. And I didn’t have any sheets on my mattress because I don’t have any more sheets, and I was sweating and that was just disgusting, sweaty girl dirty pit bull and rat blood on just an old bare mattress and moonlight, now maybe rabies. Is the dog current on his rabies shots? I think he’s current. I don’t remember if he’s current. I felt like the kid in Old Yeller after he and the dog get torn up by wild pigs. I think I messed up on my article about the trigger blog. I have this writing problem where I go into this huge long weavy introduction but then at the end I just sort of stop, as if I just completely run out of steam and stamina, so End of Story. I do it for fiction and non-fiction both. Either I just absolutely stop and randomly write “The end” or I tie it up too easily and in an almost pat way. In yesterday’s article it was definitely b) tied up too easily and in an almost pat way. My idea that harm, danger and trauma can be negated by the individual cleaning of closets is very pat. It really only worked in this one very specific case. It probably wouldn’t work in any other case. Back to the drawing board. There’s lots of other clues.


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